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ladyoftraken's Journal

Nyssa of Traken
4 January
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  • ladyoftraken@livejournal.com
My name is Nyssa of Traken. I'm really not sure to this sort of human technology but I'll try. I travel in the TARDIS with a friend of mine called the Doctor together with my good friend Tegan Jovanka. We used to also travel with a boy called Adric but....

...well, we try to forget about what happened to him. I choose to remember the good and not the bad. I have lost my mother, and my father has become the skin of an evil man who has taken my planet from me. But I still have the Doctor. And Tegan. And our journeys together...

[This is an RP Journal for Nyssa of Traken created by derekmetaltron.]
helping pilot the tardis, old traken rituals, traken music